The Detective Of Muiella
Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa

The Detective Of Muiella

Alternative Titles Mueller no Sousakan, Mwiellaui Susagwan, The Detective of Muiella, The Investigator of Mueller, 뮈엘라의 수사관, ミュエラの捜査官, 慕艾拉的调查官

Synopsis The Detective Of Muiella

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Kate is a maid at the Muiella Baron’s house.

The arrival of beautiful new boy servant Ian.

Kate’s skepticism about Ian’s disarming behaviour.

The Detective Of Muiella. Kate is a maid on the Baron’s estate in Muiella, a country that shuns warlocks and witches. One day, the new servant Ian arrives … but for his lowly rank, he’s too proper and stunning. Kate’s distrust of Ian’s disarming attitude only increases as strange events arise in the manor, when they tend to run into each other. Sleuthing for the facts, could be at stake the well-being of the estate and its inhabitants! Where would you find a decent investigator when you need one?!

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Released 2017
Author Kia Ren
Artist Sol
Serialization KakaoPage (Kakao)
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Chapter The Detective Of Muiella